Things Moms Swore They'd Never Do

Everyone's a perfect parent until they have kids. We think we know how we'll parent, but once that baby is here, all those promises we made ourselves suddenly fly out the window.


Everything changes, everything. [MUSIC] You know what I always thought was so gross, was when people like pull out the diaper to see if there's poop in there. Or like's worse when they smell the baby's bottom. And you're like, that's disgusting. But then there comes a day when you do it, and you're like what am I doing. I'm smelling my babies' bottoms. The first time I really realized that this mom thing was not so glamorous was the first time that I noticed that I had spit up dried in my hair. And I didn't care. [LAUGH] I didn't even try to get it out. It was like, all right there's spit up in my hair. I guess I always say that like I never lose a sense of style. I always have time for myself. And obviously, that doesn't happen all the time and you can't live up to that. It was like a good year straight that I just wore yoga pants. I had said when I was pregnant that I would never ever let my baby use a pacifier because my God, Terrible mothers let their kids use pacifiers, what a crutch and by day 2 I was tearing the apartment apart, looking for those stupid pacifiers. One of the things that was really big for me was not to let my children have a lot of TV but sometimes I really wish they would just sit in front of a stinking movie, so I can have 2 hours of peace. [MUSIC]

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