16 'Don't Sweat It' Tips for New Parents

Take advice from parents who've been there, done that. We asked the experienced moms and dads among 'Parents' readers and editors what "don't sweat it" tips they would give to first-timers. Benefit from their wisdom!


When you're a brand new mom for the very first time. It's hard to shut off your worries. [MUSIC]. You try to listen to your instincts, which of course is great. But, also to listen what the doctors are telling you. Listen to what your mom is telling you. Telling you. If they're all reassuring you that the baby's fine, like maybe you can dial down your worries a little bit. You're always up late night, you're not getting a lot of sleep. You Google a lot of things, and it kind of stresses you out. But I think that's just a really good sign that you want to be a good parent. If you have racked your brain, and it's not solvable by a Google search or a YouTube video Then you have some real problems on your hands. As a new mom, you're constantly questioning whether you're doing it right. Breastfeeding was really important to me and I was worried if I was doing that wrong. Feeding your baby's your first job and you wanna get it right. [MUSIC] Believe in yourself and go with you are a God and you are appealing. Just feel it whatever is good for you and your child, the you need to go with it. You're not going to remember so much of what they did, but you'll remember how they made you feel. How they made you proud. I had some pretty Serious difficulties breast feeding. And that was really really disappointing to me. Which now I look back and I'm like yeah, he's hungry. He needs food. Thank god there's formula [LAUGH] you know. If I could take my infant out to lunch with a friend and they would sleep through Through the meal and I could have an adult conversation and then make it back home before they woke up and needed to be fed. Like that was a super great feeling. Whatever anybody says to you doesn't matter. They can give you whatever kinda advice they want and you're like whatever, I got this. Another thing that was really comforting to me was to know that Even the fear, the anxiety, the I don't now what in the world is gonna happen, is part of the journey. We've all been there. [MUSIC]

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