Welcome to motherhood! Here you'll learn how to adapt to your new role as a mom. We teach you the secret to happiness, fun things to do with your baby, and more.

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8 New Mom Stresses -- and How to Relieve Them

Joy, excitement, and unfathomable love? Those are the new-mom emotions you're prepared for. Identity crisis? Not so much. Here is some expert advice and it-worked-for-me wisdom for eight common new-mom stresses.

5 New-Mom Guilt Traps (and Cures!)

The sources of guilt in the early days of motherhood can be numerous and all-consuming. Here's why you should give yourself a break, starting right now. Don't let these common guilt trips trip you up!

How to Deal With Unwanted New-Baby Advice

When you have a new baby, suddenly everyone is an expert. Your family and friends may swoop in and tell you how to burp, feed, dress, and carry your baby, but here's how to deal with their sometimes questionable pearls of wisdom.

10 Daily Meditations for New Mothers

As you begin your life-altering journey into motherhood, use these 10 meditations to accompany you.

Mommy Thumb: 5 Ways to Ease the Pain

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9 Tips for Juggling Work and Motherhood

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Creative Ways to Preserve Memories

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What I Wish Someone Told Me About Sex After Kids

Sex becomes a full-blown job, something that you have to plan and coordinate.

Fun Things to Do with Your Baby

New motherhood is incredibly joyful, but face it: It can sometimes be downright boring for both of you. So check out these activities and let the good times begin.

7 Things NOT to Say to a Breastfeeding Mom

Thinking about making a comment -- or asking a question -- about breastfeeding to your sister, your BFF, or the lady across from you at the coffee shop? For the love of all the nursing mamas in the world, read this first.

5 Common New-Mom Challenges

Yes, your new baby rocks -- but your life as a new mom might be a little rocky. We talked to experts about some of the big issues we're all guaranteed to face, including dilemmas with breastfeeding, work, and losing the baby weight. Here are their best strategies for coping with each one.

Confession: I'm a Neurotic Mom

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16 'Don't Sweat It' Tips for New Parents

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New-Parent Social Rules: Where You Can Take Baby

You can still have a social life now that you have kids, just follow these tips to tote your precious ones out and about with you. Yay for extra bonding time.

Surviving Your Mom's First Postpartum Visit

That first visit after baby's arrival can be a lifesaver or a nightmare. Here's how to make the most of it.