Mom Confessions: Parenting Rules I Thought I'd Keep

These moms thought they had everything planned out. Then reality hit, and they realized sometimes you just need to toss the rule book and go with your gut to get through the day.


-Parenting rules I never meant to break. When my son was born, I decided that I wasn't going to let him watch more than 15 minutes of TV a day until he was five. That lasted about three months. I decided that they would eat what we're eating or they don't eat. But I can't let my kids go hungry, so I end up making the grilled cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwich or Mac and Cheese anyway. We said we never give our kids technology at restaurants to keep them occupied. Now, at the first peep we hand over the i-Pads. -No fast food. I don't remember how long I held out but I can tell you it got shorter with each kid. -I said I'd never bribe my kids. But I have been bribing them with rewards like Star charts and treats since my oldest was two. Hey, it works. -No food in the car, and no jumping on the bed. I now store food in the glove box in center console and my monkeys are always jumping on the bed, supervised of course. -No sugar until the age of two. That lasted until my aunt gave my four month old a cake.

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