The Adorable First Moments These Dads Met Their Babies

Check out these adorable, aww-worthy reader-submitted photos of dads meeting their newborn babies for the very first time. So sweet!


[MUSIC] The adorable first moments these dads met their babies. Jon and Steph Frasier "...Sammy came along after a very rough pregnancy. Seeing my husband as a father is the sweetest thing ever." Lisa Hackbarth "After our first child, Faith, was born straight into heaven... the birth of our incredible, perfectly healthy son...was all the more beautifully moving and miraculous." Kayla Helton "This is my husband seeing our six-week-old baby boy for the first time." Melissa Roel "After two miscarriages, and an early emergency C-section, here's Daddy with our preemie baby. He's the happiest dad in the world!" Jessica Rose Henderson "...The moment he saw her, he was 110 percent in love!" Karmann Clemens Wennerlind "Nine years of infertility... ten miscarriages... Pure joy to finally be a dad!" Alice Angela Matias "We gave birth to a healthy beautiful baby boy and daddy couldn't have been happier..." Sasha Cecile "here is my husband meeting our son in the airport at five weeks old, after a year in Afghanistan!" Tanalle Pearson "So much love in this photo." Kirsten Smith "This is the first time daddy got to hold [our baby girl] in the NICU without all her tubes and wires everywhere!" Heather Morgan "My husband returning from Afghanistan, July 2013, and meeting our 3-month-old daughter for the first time." Jennifer DaGraca Bailey "First time in Daddy's arms :)" Natalia Rosario "My husband didn't hesitate to whip off his shirt in the operating room for his turn to hold our son for the first time, skin to skin." Kyle and Steve's Open Adoption Journey "We were so blessed to welcome our son through open adoption... Fatherhood has been the most amazing journey." Shantel Feague "First baby, first girl, brand newborn... the look says it all." 

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