Congratulations, Dad. Here you'll learn what first-time dads need to know about fatherhood - from caring for baby, to finding balance between home and work, to being a better partner to your spouse, and more.

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Jamie Foxx on Being a Feminist Dad Raising Daughters in 'Different Times'
In his new book, Act Like You Got Some Sense, the triple threat shares new and inherited parenting wisdom through a funny, compassionate lens.
How We Talk About Dads Adds to the Mental Load on Moms
It's often reported that moms carry a bulk of the weight of parenting alone, but research shows that's not the case. By leaving dads out of the conversation, we are adding onto both the stress they feel and the pressures moms face. 
How to #DanceLikeaDad: New PSA Promotes Quality Dad Time
A new Ad Council PSA encourages dads to bond with their kids by getting the family on their feet to #DanceLikeaDad.
What Dads Need to Know About Having a Baby Girl
New fathers often bow out when the baby is a girl. That's a mistake for everyone. Here's why, and how to build a strong father-daughter relationship.
A Guy's Guide to Having a Baby
Read the instruction manual. Just don't assume it's accurate.
'Outdaughtered' Dad Reveals Struggle With Postpartum Depression
TLC reality show star Adam Busby hopes talking about his PPD will bring light to the condition that affects one in 10 dads.

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