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October 03, 2005

Was there one moment when you realized that your partner had become a father? Here's what other moms have to say about their great realization:

"I realized my husband was truly a father when I woke up one night to hear him singing 'My Girl' by the Temptations to our newborn daughter. She had been crying and he was trying to soothe her with the song, complete with his own dance routine. I never loved him more than at that moment."--Leona Well, Holley, New York

"While I was in labor, the nurse had to come into my room several times to ask my husband to quit throwing toy airplanes into the hospital's hallway. Until I gave birth, I really think he thought he was still a kid. Soon after our daughter was born, my younger brothers started to throw around the same toy airplanes, and my husband said firmly, 'Boys, this isn't a playground.' The nurses enjoyed a big laugh over that one."--Jessica Mercer, Waverly, Tennessee

"We had just left our sonogram appointment, where we discovered we were having a daughter. My husband was really quiet all the way home, and when I asked him about it, he said 'Oh my God, she's going to date!'"--Keri Poulios, Weston, Florida

"Our daughter was born premature and had to be in the hospital for two weeks. Due to work, my husband couldn't go to see her every day. One night, he pulled out a blanket. When I asked where he had gotten it, he explained that it had been in our baby's bed at the hospital. That week, he slept with that blanket on his pillow because it smelled like our baby. I knew then he was going to make a wonderful dad."

--Cindy Campbell, Carlinville, Illinois

"I was rushing around getting my younger daughter fed and changed in the morning when I heard singing coming from our den. I looked in, and there on the couch sat my 2-year-old son and my husband watching Blues Clues. Both of them were singing happily along to the show's songs."--Christie Campos, Hanford, California

"We had just discovered that our son's hamster had died. Since we lived in a condo, we had no yard for a burial. When he found out, my husband placed the remains in a box and drove off. We learned later he had driven several miles to the beach and buried the box by the ocean. He had marked the grave and even gave a eulogy. These actions reflect what a caring dad he is."--Tana Spitz, Westminster, California

"Our newborn son would only sleep when wrapped in a blanket on my husband's chest. He spent each night on the couch, arms wrapped around the baby to keep him calm. One night, I sent my husband to bed to get some rest. Soon after, I went in to cover him with a blanket. When I moved the sheet, he lunged over the side of the bed in sheer panic, clutching at the air and waving frantically. In his deep sleep, he thought he had dropped our son. With his quick instincts to protect our child, my husband proved what a wonderful father he is."--Lara Davis, Bismarck, North Dakota

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