Q: Can I give my baby a bubble bath?

A: Bubbles certainly make bathtime fun, but you should avoid letting your baby play in a sudsy tub until at least age 3, when she can tell you if something feels wrong. For one thing, bubbles -- especially those with harsh soaps and fragrances -- can cause urinary tract infections if not rinsed off thoroughly. (For this reason, it's also not a good idea to let your infant slosh around in water that's full of soapy residue.) Plus, bubbles also tend to prolong a baby's time in the tub (it should be under 10 minutes), which can dry out sensitive skin.

But if you do decide to draw your baby a bubble bath, choose one that's fragrance-free and formulated specifically for infants, which may be less irritating. Don't allow your baby to soak for too long. Rinse her thoroughly (especially her private parts) with clean water before toweling off.

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Answered by American Baby Team


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