After Baby

Watch: Dog's Adorable and Hilarious Attempts to Steal Attention Away From New Baby

This video captures the moment a dog realizes he's not the baby of the family anymore, and his attempts to steal the attention away from his newborn sibling.

16 Companies With Innovative Parent-Friendly Policies

From paying for a babysitter to come along on work trips to picking up your adoption bills, some companies offer benefits that make being a working mom or dad easier. Our list of companies raising the bar with supportive perks might just inspire you to polish up your resume.

5 Common New-Mom Challenges

Yes, your new baby rocks -- but your life as a new mom might be a little rocky. We talked to experts about some of the big issues we're all guaranteed to face, including dilemmas with breastfeeding, work, and losing the baby weight. Here are their best strategies for coping with each one.

Parents-to-Be Severely Underestimate the First-Year Cost of Raising a Baby

Turns out there's a big difference in the actual cost of raising a child in the first year versus how much parents-to-be think it will cost.

Stepping Out

Feeling cooped up? We'll help you leave the house with your little one in tow.

What I Wish Someone Told Me About Sex After Kids

Sex becomes a full-blown job, something that you have to plan and coordinate.

10 Easy Fixes for Pumping at Work

How to keep feeding Baby breast milk when maternity leave ends.

Should You Encapsulate Your Placenta?

Whether you think it's intriguing or gross, an increasing number of moms are getting in on this postpartum trend.

11 Ways Your Relationship With Your Phone Changes After Kids

Before you were a mom, your smartphone was your life. Now there's a darling, diapered little person in that role. Where does that leave your former electronic appendage?

8 Ways Your Fur Baby Is Different From Your Real Baby

They're both cuddly little bundles of joy but your fur baby is content chasing a tennis ball day after day while your real baby is learning too fast to stay happy with any one toy for long!

Awww... 54 Adorable Photos of Kids Meeting the New Baby

Some kids are overjoyed when they're introduced to their new baby brother or sister; others, not so much (who is this new, tiny person taking up all of mom's attention?!). Either way, that first meeting makes for a heartwarming (and sometimes hilarious) photo op. Take a look at these adorable first encounters...

C-Section Recovery: Your Need-to-Know Guide

You know what to expect from your C-section but what about your recovery? Here's what you need to know about your post-birth plan.

How to Lose Baby Weight

Tried-and-true, simple changes can make all the difference in getting back into shape. Here are the best tips for losing baby weight fast.

Your 'Other' Baby: 9 Tips for Starting a Business as a New Mom

Dreaming of owning your own company, mama? Give birth to your business idea--yes, even when you're a new parent--with these nine expert tips.

Mom Blogger's Honest Post About Marriage Post-Kids Is Everything

Every married parent can relate to Constance Hall's viral post about your relationship after kids.

Why Kim Kardashian Is Eating Her Placenta

Kim Kardashian West is joining the list of celebs who have opted to eat their own placenta after giving birth.

Body After Baby

Doctors often refer to the six weeks after delivery as the "fourth trimester" because your body is continuing to change so much. However, weight fluctuations aren't the only postpartum challenge you'll face. Here's a look at what you can expect.

Watch This Celeb Couple Totally Nail the Postpartum Struggle

Nev Schulman and fiancee Laura Perlongo just had a baby, and they have a few things to say about the state of postpartum care in our country.

Six-Pack Mom Dishes on Dropping 28 Pounds of Baby Weight in 2 Weeks

Warning: You may develop a serious case of ab envy after reading this!

How to Plan a Night Away From Your Baby

Is it possible to have a super-sexy date night--and even stay over at a hotel--now that you've got a baby? Yes--as long as you leave your baby at home.

11 Truths of Parenthood

Reading the diary I kept when my daughter was young, I cringe at how little I knew--but I'm proud of how much I've learned.

This Mom-of-Four Deserves a Medal for Her Bedtime Routine

Watch this incredible mom single-handedly get her four babies ready for bed, all with a smile on her face.

Babies Return to Mom's Belly in These Sweet 'Bump Bowl' Pics

Pregnant belly casts meet newborn baby cuteness with inventive "bump bowl" photography.

Of Course This Weightlifting New Mom Already Has Six-Pack Abs

Another fit mom shows off her enviable mid-section just weeks after giving birth.

7 Weird (But Totally Normal) Things About Your Newborn

Here are seven strange things about your newborn baby that are actually totally normal, from a cone-shaped head to hyper-sensitive reflexes.