20 Big Signs You're a Sleep-Deprived Parent

Those all-nighters you pulled during college are child's play compared to the crushing exhaustion you feel as a new mom or dad. We asked Parents readers to share the silliest things they've done due to lack of zzz's. Get ready to laugh¿and commiserate.


Sleep deprivation, particularly in the early days, is real. [MUSIC] You kinda hallucinate. I would turn on the shower and think I heard my crying baby. I thought I heard my crying baby all the time. Showers are a fleeting memory. I remember the day my husband caught me using a wet wipe To clean up, and he just was like, okay, we have to do something about his. I start to get emotional and weepy when I am sleep deprived. I get so grumpy, mostly to his husband. He sort of bears the brunt of that. You can just see it in a parent's face, when she's stressed and she's tired. You can just tell. And like another mom can just tell. [MUSIC] To this day, anything wakes me up. If my cat walks on that squeaky board in the hallway outside my room, I'm what's going on? They make you believe that sleep deprivation is about bein ga new parent, but sleep deprivation is about motherhood in general. You just have no reason not to sleep. [MUSIC] Newborn sleep all the time of course they don't sleep in a long stretch and you have to kind to train yourself to go back to sleep when they do. Hard And when they say when the baby sleep you sleep that is Something you should live by. Make sure that your husband, partner, baby's father, whoever you mother-in-law, or your mother is on duty to make sure that you can get some rest. [SOUND] Actually if someone would take the baby out of the house that would help. Like, if my mom would come and be like, i'm just gonna push her in the stroller at the store. Then I could lay down and actually get like a ten minute power nap. Your clock if off, the baby is running the show and you're just a passenger on the train. I don't know Go to sleep. [LAUGH] But it won't happen soon and it'll be brief and I will enjoy it. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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