Life as a New Parent

Congratulations on your new role and welcome to motherhood (or fatherhood)! It comes naturally for some, more slowly for others. Here you'll get answers to all those new parent questions on life after baby including how to cope with sleep deprivation, how to lose the baby weight, how to deal with new parent emotions, and more.

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The Best New-Parent Money Tip? Budget for Takeout
An overlooked but all-important new baby budget item is takeout. Skipping cooking during the newborn phase spares stressed parents hassle, heartache, and going "hangry."
My Mom's Photos of Me And My Newborn Helped Me See the Truth About Parenthood
My mom sent me two decades worth of family photos. This gift is not merely beautiful photos of my only child; she showed me how much I'm in the picture—even when I'm not.
How We Talk About Dads Adds to the Mental Load on Moms
It's often reported that moms carry a bulk of the weight of parenting alone, but research shows that's not the case. By leaving dads out of the conversation, we are adding onto both the stress they feel and the pressures moms face. 
8 Greatest Fantasies of Sleep-Deprived Parents
"It's 6:30 p.m. and I've returned from a busy day. Shockingly, the house is quiet, sparkling clean, and the dishes and laundry are done."
I Hate Being a Mom, But I Love My Kid
Frustrated and exhausted from taking care of her newborn daughter, Erin* worried she just wasn’t cut out for motherhood. She felt like a terrible person—until she realized she wasn’t alone.

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How to #DanceLikeaDad: New PSA Promotes Quality Dad Time
A new Ad Council PSA encourages dads to bond with their kids by getting the family on their feet to #DanceLikeaDad.
Working Mother of Three on Why Summer Feels Like 'Mom-Guilt Season': 'The Daily Hustle Prevails'
"It is hard to be inside working when you know summer is made for playing outside and the most joyous season for kids," Megan Brammeier told GMA.

Attention New Parents: You're In for Six Years of Bad Sleep

A new study shows that not only are parents of babies exhausted, but that poor parental sleep continues into their children's elementary school years.