Life as a New Parent

Congratulations on your new role and welcome to motherhood (or fatherhood)! It comes naturally for some, more slowly for others. Here you'll get answers to all those new parent questions on life after baby including how to cope with sleep deprivation, how to lose the baby weight, how to deal with new parent emotions, and more.

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'Fourth Trimester' Was Added to the Dictionary—Here's Why That Matters
To bring attention to maternal health and wellness, the company Fourth Phase petitioned for the term "fourth trimester" to be added to all dictionaries. Merriam-Webster dictionary recently announced the word is officially added. Here's why that's a win for parents.
Deaf Dad on TikTok Shows His Toddler Interpret for Him for the First Time
The heartwarming clip shows a toddler telling her deaf father that a baby is crying in Target.
Jamie Foxx on Being a Feminist Dad Raising Daughters in 'Different Times'
In his new book, Act Like You Got Some Sense, the triple threat shares new and inherited parenting wisdom through a funny, compassionate lens.
The Best New-Parent Money Tip? Budget for Takeout
An overlooked but all-important new baby budget item is takeout. Skipping cooking during the newborn phase spares stressed parents hassle, heartache, and going "hangry."

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My Mom's Photos of Me And My Newborn Helped Me See the Truth About Parenthood
My mom sent me two decades worth of family photos. This gift is not merely beautiful photos of my only child; she showed me how much I'm in the picture—even when I'm not.
The Pandemic Is Exposing More Partners to the Realities of New Motherhood—and It's About Time
With more parents working from home due to COVID-19, some new mothers feel more supported.
How to Clean Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

These simple steps for refreshing your bedroom can create a better sleeping environment. Bring on the extra zzz's!