Over 2,000 Shoppers Say This Rechargeable Mini Stroller Fan Keeps Their Babies Cool—Even in the Vegas Heat

The small but mighty fan is super quiet and prevents overheating. Shop this Prime Day early deal at 20% off. 

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TDONE Stroller Fan Mini Portable Fan USB Personal Fan Long Working Handheld Fan
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Summer is here, which means you have idyllic weather for outdoor stroller walks with your baby. But the soaring temperatures make it more difficult to keep your child comfortable in the hot sun—and we've also learned that covering babies in the stroller with a blanket to protect them from the sun does more harm than good. That's why stroller fans are a popular option for parents wanting to safely beat the heat. Typically, high-quality stroller fans can cost upwards of $40, but the Tdone mini stroller fan is on sale right now for $20.79 during Amazon Prime Day 2022 early deals.

The Tdone mini stroller fan is beloved thanks to its portability. The battery is rechargeable with an included USB cable—just plug it in for two hours to hit 100% charge. From there, you have a solid 11 hours of run time, which should be more than enough for a few days of strolling. While other stroller fans lack in power, the Tdone mini stroller fan hits the mark with a brushless motor that quietly produces three fan speeds. As an added bonus, the Tdone comes equipped with a 12-piece LED light that also boasts three settings. The 'low light' option lasts a whopping 146 hours per battery charge.

Versatility is top shelf, too. Thanks to the flexible tripod legs and 360-degrees of adjustability on the fan itself, this stroller fan can be used in a handful of configurations that go beyond neighborhood walks. In addition to a stroller fan and a hand-held fan, it can be hung from the ceiling of a tent like an umbrella fan or propped on a table like a desk fan. And, because the gaps are less than 6 millimeters apart, you won't have to worry about your baby sticking their fingers into the fan.

TDONE Stroller Fan Mini Portable Fan USB Personal Fan Long Working Handheld Fan

To buy: Tdone Mini Stroller Fan, $20.79 for Prime Members (originally $25.99); amazon.com

With more than 2,000 perfect ratings on Amazon, it's easy to see why the Tdone mini stroller fan is such a success story with parents. One shopper was impressed by the effectiveness of the fan after purchasing it for their 8-month-old on a summer trip to Las Vegas. "She was able to fall asleep comfortably while we roamed the Vegas streets without waking from the discomfort." Another parent noted that the LED lights helped, "when digging around the bottom of the stroller in the dark."

Beyond its effectiveness, parents also love its durability, since life with children often calls for a few bumps and bangs. One Amazon reviewer purchased it for their son's stroller and said that "it can take a beating—being dropped and shoved around inside the car trunk." Another shopper agreed, specifically commenting on the durability of the legs even though "you can bend them easily in any direction."

With summer coming in hot, now is a great time to invest in the Tdone mini stroller fan for your baby. Amazon Prime members can score this Prime Day early deal for just $20.79, but if you're not a member yet you can sign up for a free trial and take advantage of the 20% discount on this stroller fan and free two-day shipping.

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