First Aid

First aid for babies is more than just putting a band aid on a booboo. Here you'll learn what to do if your baby is choking, needs CPR, is stung by a bee, and more.

First Aid for Your Baby's Accidents

When your baby has her first accident, here's how to make things better.

Emergency First Aid for Babies and Toddlers

This advice will help keep you calm when your child gets hurt -- and maybe even save her life.

First-Aid Kit Essentials

Weird Baby Emergencies

Babies and quirky accidents tend to go hand in hand. We ask top doctors what to do if your sweet pea gets in a pickle.

Treatment for Insect Stings and Bites

When your child gets stung or bitten by bugs, signs of allergic reactions include swelling and itching. Learn to spot the signs of severe symptoms and give immediate treatment.

First Aid for Drowning

Learn the emergency steps that could save your child's life

The Panicky Parent's Guide to Kids' Health

Even minor symptoms can turn a rational mom into a melodrama queen. Here's how to stop stressing and make your kid feel better.

When Should Your Child Go to the Hospital?

Here's what to consider when deciding to call Baby's doctor or take her to the ER.

Baby Emergencies

You are your baby's first responder, so here's a just-in-case guide that we hope you never need.

Dangerous Anti-Itch Creams

Dr. Alan Greene answers the question, Can anti-itch creams be dangerous for my child?

Baby 911: When to Call the Doctor or Go to the ER

Check out our no-panic guide to common first-year health scares -- and what you should do about them.

Baby Care Basics: Baby Accidents

As much as we all try to prepare our homes for Baby, accidents still happen. Here are three common accidents and what to do if they happen.

Baby Care Basics: Baby First Aid

Find out how to maintain first aid kits in your home and car so you can help fix Baby's cuts and scrapes--and learn when you should go to the emergency room.

Why Are So Many Kids Having Scary Reactions From Sunscreen? Experts Weigh In

The photos are scary; kids are having reactions from using sunscreens many parents think are safe. Here's what you need to know.

Strangulation & Suffocation

What you need to know to keep your child safe

Household Hydrocarbons Poison Prevention

Protect your kids from common products that could hurt them.

Treatments for Bug Bites and Stings

Not all little creatures are friendly -- some harass, bite, or sting. Our best advice: Steer clear of the baddies. (But here's what to do if you do get bitten.)

When To Call 911

You know 911 is only for emergencies. But how can you tell if your child's case is urgent? Use our expert guide to map out the best no-panic plan -- before you need it.

Checklist: First-Aid Kit Essentials

Baby Safety Basics

Keep your baby safe through her first birthday and beyond.

Poisoning Prevention and Treatment

How to protect your child from household chemicals.

Crisis in the ER

Why pediatric experts say emergency rooms can be hazardous to your children's health.

Choking: 4 First-Aid FAQs

If you remember only one thing, know this: When someone is choking, it's always better to act than to do nothing, even if you're a total novice.