What kinds of injuries or accidents require a trip to the emergency room? Learn the basics here, including what you can expect to pay.

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First Aid for Your Baby's Accidents

When your baby has her first accident, here's how to make things better.

My Toddler Swallowed a Penny or Another Foreign Object—Now What?

Kids will put almost anything in their mouth. Here’s what to do if your little one swallows a foreign object, such as a coin, art supplies, button battery, or fluoride toothpaste.

California Couple Allegedly Strangled Newborn in Hospital Room Shortly After Mom Gave Birth

Doctors worked for more than 10 hours to save Baby Diego, who died of his injuries after his mother and her boyfriend allegedly strangled him.

Mom Shares Shocking Picture of the Moment Her Baby Fractures Leg Going Down Slide to Warn Others

A mother of three is warning other parents after her infant daughter suffered multiple fractures to her leg when they rode down a slide together.

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Mom Becomes Head Trauma Advocate After Her Baby Rolls Off Queen-Sized Bed

"No matter how safe you THINK your kids are...don't ever leave them on a bed. Ever. Also, even when your child LOOKS okay...doesn't mean they are. Colton looked fine. He was Not," Paige Ferguson told Parents.com.