What kinds of injuries or accidents require a trip to the emergency room? Learn the basics here, including what you can expect to pay.

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California Couple Allegedly Strangled Newborn in Hospital Room Shortly After Mom Gave Birth

Doctors worked for more than 10 hours to save Baby Diego, who died of his injuries after his mother and her boyfriend allegedly strangled him.
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Dad, 31, Drowns While Saving 3-Year-Old Son Who Fell from Bridge Hours Before Father's Day

Christopher Franklin Nicholas Schultz jumped into the water to save his child who had fallen from a bridge but sadly drowned in the process.
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My Toddler Swallowed a Penny or Another Foreign Object—Now What?

Kids will put almost anything in their mouth. Here’s what to do if your little one swallows a foreign object, such as a coin, art supplies, button battery, or fluoride toothpaste.
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Baby Girl Suffers Second Degree Burns to Face After Slow Cooker Spills on Her

Her mother is hoping to remind others to keep an eye out for appliances.