What kinds of injuries or accidents require a trip to the emergency room? Learn the basics here, including what you can expect to pay.

First Aid for Your Baby's Accidents

When your baby has her first accident, here's how to make things better.

Should You Take Baby to the Hospital?

How to determine if you have an emergency on your hands.

When Should Your Child Go to the Hospital?

Here's what to consider when deciding to call Baby's doctor or take her to the ER.

Cribs, Carriers, and Strollers Are Causing More Injuries in Babies and Toddlers Than Ever Before

New research shows 66,000 kids under 3 are treated for injuries related to nursery products each year, and the biggest culprits are cribs, baby carriers, and strollers.

I Can't Believe My Kid Swallowed That!

Holy X ray! Kids will put anything in their mouth.

Is It an Emergency? 5 Baby Health Scares

Determine whether your child's health scares -- from high fevers to allergic reactions to swallowing poison -- are as bad as they seem.

Electric Shock

A must-know plan to protect and save your child

Baby Emergencies

You are your baby's first responder, so here's a just-in-case guide that we hope you never need.

7 Ways to Not Forget Your Child in the Car

Too many children die in hot cars each year. Even if you think you would never forget your child in the car, follow these tips to be 100 percent sure.

Crazy! A Hair Tourniquet Could Cost Your Baby a Toe

These parents, whose baby almost lost a toe, want to warn others about the dangers of hair tourniquets.

Baby Care Basics: Baby Accidents

As much as we all try to prepare our homes for Baby, accidents still happen. Here are three common accidents and what to do if they happen.

Baby Care Basics: Baby First Aid

Find out how to maintain first aid kits in your home and car so you can help fix Baby's cuts and scrapes--and learn when you should go to the emergency room.

Baby Care Basics: What is SIDS?

Learn more about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and how to help reduce the risks to your baby.

Emergency Techniques for Your Baby

Learn how to deal with falls, choking, bumps, bruises...

You Won't Believe How Many Babies Are Hurt in Stroller and Carrier-Related Accidents

A new study sheds light on just how dangerous strollers and carriers can be if not used properly.

Heartbreaking Story Reminds Parents to Never Leave Baby Alone in the Bath

This seven-month-old baby boy's tragic story is helping to raise awareness about bath time safety for young children.

Preparing for Your Child's Medical Emergency

What to do if your child needs immediate medical attention.

Doctor Saves Baby's Toes With Hair Removal Cream: Hackable or Harebrained?

This baby's toes were saved from amputation, but should you try this solution at home?

How Can Kids Still Be Dying in Hot Cars?

Kids are still dying in hot cars in alarming numbers. And one professor thinks he knows why.

Heartbreaking News: 'Bernie Baby' Has Died from SIDS

Oliver Jack Carter Lomas-Davis, the baby boy who became known as Bernie Sanders' lookalike, has passed away.

Tylenol Tops List of Accidental Infant Poisonings

Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is the most common medication to cause accidental poisonings of babies younger than 6 months, a new study says.

You Won't Believe How Many Kids' Ears Are Injured by Cotton Swabs Every DAY

A new study has found cotton-tip applicators like Q-Tips send 1,000 kids to the emergency room with ear injuries every month--that's 34 kids per day.

Do You Know When You Should Really Take Your Kids to the ER?

According to new research, many parents don't know how to handle certain urgent medical issues.

Mom Becomes Head Trauma Advocate After Her Baby Rolls Off Queen-Sized Bed

"No matter how safe you THINK your kids are...don't ever leave them on a bed. Ever. Also, even when your child LOOKS okay...doesn't mean they are. Colton looked fine. He was Not," Paige Ferguson told Parents.com.

Miss. 10-Month-Old Dies in Hot Car on 90-Degree Day--and His Mom Is Charged With Murder

It is never safe to leave children unattended in a car in any weather.