July 02, 2015

Q: My baby throws a fit if we stop playing with her. Is she spoiled?

A: Not at all. Children thrive on their parents' attention, so devote as much time as you can to playing with your daughter. However, when a play session has to end, try to build in some transition time so you can wean her away from your undivided attention. If your baby cries, hold her for a little while and say, "Oh, I know -- I had such a good time too, and I hate for it to be over." She won't understand your words yet, but the meaning will sink in eventually. After her first birthday, she'll become more independent. At that point, you can encourage brief periods of solo play by getting her involved with a toy and then staying in the room while she has fun by herself. --Sally Lee

Copyright© 2004. Reprinted with permission from the June 2004 issue of Parents magazine.  Updated 2009

Answered by Parents Team