What causes redness around my baby's eyes and nose?

Q: My baby gets a lot of redness around her eyes and nose, as though she's been crying. What could be causing this?

A: It sounds like your baby may have a mild allergy. Make an appointment with your pediatrician so you can find out what may be triggering your baby's symptoms. Before you go, jot down some observations, like when and where your baby's face tends to get red. To get started, ask yourself the following questions:

- Does the reaction tend to happen when you're outside or soon afterward? If so, then it could be seasonal allergies to things like pollen or grass. Remember to keep track of where you went on days when it happened. - Do you have pets? Remember that your baby doesn't have to play with the pooch or be near it all the time to be affected by its dander, which can spread through the house and even be carried on the clothing of other family members who care for the pet. - Does your baby come home with the reaction from someplace she visits regularly, like Grandma's house or daycare? If so, does Grandma smoke or have a pet? Or does daycare have hamsters or a guinea pig? - Do food allergies, like those to milk, wheat, or eggs, run in your family? If so, your doctor may suggest removing these items from baby's diet one by one to see if the condition improves.

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