Vaccines protect your baby from diseases and illnesses like measles, mumps, and rubella. Today, there is even a flu vaccine that is encouraged every year. Learn about the different types of vaccines and which ones your baby will receive during his first year.

8 Reasons Parents Don't Vaccinate (And Why They Should)

Here, experts weigh in on common myths surrounding the practice of vaccination -- and why those myths are wrong.

The Hows and Whys of Baby Vaccines

Thanks to vaccines, many once-common childhood illnesses have virtually been eliminated. But because we don't see children suffering or dying from these diseases anymore, we don't fear them the way our parents and grandparents did. Instead, the vaccines scare us. Seventy percent of American parents who don't vaccinate their kids sincerely believe vaccines are more dangerous than the diseases they prevent, according to the National Network for Immunization Information (NNII). Many question whether they contain harmful ingredients that will cause their child to have a bad reaction, get a serious disease, or become autistic. Here are the answers to your most pressing vaccine questions.

Sure Shots: Your 18-Month Vaccine Timeline

Shots may be scary, but they're the best way to keep your baby healthy in the first couple of years. Find out what your infant is set to get and why, tips for handling the pain, plus a handy printable vaccine cheat sheet.

The Vaccine Schedule

Should parents follow a strict vaccine schedule or is there room for flexibility?

The Hib Vaccine: Health 101

Find out why and when your child needs the Hib vaccine.

The DTap and Tdap Vaccine: Health 101

Learn why and when your child needs the DTaP and Tdap vaccines.

How Much Do You Really Know About Vaccines?

Despite saving millions of children's lives, they are still widely misunderstood. Take our quiz to boost your immunization IQ.

The Rotavirus Vaccine: Health 101

Find out why and when your baby needs the rotavirus vaccine.

Vaccines for Babies and Older Kids

Which vaccines do kids need and why are they necessary?

Vaccine Schedule for Babies & Toddlers

Are your baby's shots on track? Check out this chart from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to make sure he's getting his vaccinations on time.

Dr. Alan Greene on PPD Tests

Our pediatrician wants to give my 9-month-old daughter a PPD shot.

Babies With Whooping Cough May Have This Terrifying Symptom Instead of Coughing

"The scary symptom for babies is when they don't cough but silently choke and turn blue/purple from lack of oxygen."

This Video of a 4-Month-Old Baby With Whooping Cough Will Break Your Heart

The mother who posted it is pleading with other parents to vaccinate their children against pertussis.

Flu Vaccine Tips with Tia Mowry

Tia Mowry, actress and mother of 2-year-old Cree, chats with Parents about the importance of flu prevention for families. Even though the celeb mom doesn't like needles, Mowry shares her secret to keeping her son healthy and flu-free this season.

Most First-Time Moms Plan to Stick to Baby's Vaccination Schedule

Moms who don't plan to follow the recommended schedule are more likely to get their information about vaccines from family, friends, or the Internet rather than a health care provider.

5 Ways to Make Baby's Shots Less Painful

We know it probably hurts you too to watch your little one squeal at the doctor's office. So here's five tips to make vaccinations easier on your baby.

More Parents Are Refusing Vaccines for Their Kids Today Than 10 Years Ago

According to a new survey, vaccine refusals have increased since 2006.

No Debate About Vaccine Safety

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump made some controversial remarks about childhood vaccination at last night's debate.

The Horrifying Consequences of the Anti-Vaccine Movement

These parents never imagined their child would catch one of the life-threatening diseases that vaccines can prevent. But just because the illnesses are rare doesn't mean they're not a tragic reality for parents who have lost their children to them. Here are their stories.

How to Talk to Your Anti-Vaccine Friends

Talking to your anti-vaxxer friends can be frustrating and divisive when you know getting vaccinated is the right thing to do. "But you can talk about this issue in a way that builds your relationship," says Karen Ernst, director of Voices for Vaccines, a parent-led nonprofit.

Aunt Shares Passionate Plea About Vaccination After Her Baby Niece Contracts Rare Infection

Hib flu, a bacterial infection in the bloodstream, can lead to more serious diseases like meningitis.

How to Handle Your Baby's First Shots

Make your little one's first vaccinations as pain-free as possible--for both of you.