Vaccines protect your baby from diseases and illnesses like measles, mumps, and rubella. Today, there is even a flu vaccine that is encouraged every year. Learn about the different types of vaccines and which ones your baby will receive during his first year.

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7 Newborn Vaccines Your Baby Needs

Is your baby protected from vaccine-preventable diseases? Here's the newborn vaccine schedule recommended by the CDC and AAP for your baby's first months of life.

11-Month-Old Suffers Stroke After Chickenpox—Shining a Light on the Importance of Vaccines

An 11-month-old boy suffered a stroke after contracting chickenpox, which he likely got from his older siblings, according to a new report. The boy had not been immunized, and the case is shining a light on the importance of vaccination.

The Horrifying Consequences of the Anti-Vaccine Movement

These parents never imagined their child would catch one of the life-threatening diseases that vaccines can prevent. But just because the illnesses are rare doesn’t mean they’re not a tragic reality for parents who have lost their children to them. Here are their stories.

How to Talk to Your Anti-Vaccine Friends

Talking to your anti-vaxxer friends can be frustrating and divisive when you know getting vaccinated is the right thing to do. “But you can talk about this issue in a way that builds your relationship,” says Karen Ernst, director of Voices for Vaccines, a parent-led nonprofit.

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Baby Vaccination: What to Expect and How to Soothe the Pain

Make your little one's first vaccinations as pain-free as possible—for both of you.