Make your infant more comfortable -- get rid of these irritations.

Rashes to Worry About

Bruises on the shins from falling are normal, but large bruises you can't track back to an injury aren't. Scattered red dots that look like tiny blood spots, called petechiae, are also a cause for concern. Either of these skin marks can signal a serious blood problem or infection and should be reported to your doctor immediately, especially if either rash is accompanied by fever.

Treating Thrush

Babies can develop flat, white patches on the tongue and the inside of their cheeks, caused by the same yeast behind some diaper rashes. Called thrush, the condition may be mild or extensive, but it usually does not hurt the baby or interfere with feeding. Prescription medication that is applied to the mouth after feedings may clear it up. If not, a stronger medicine that baby swallows should work. Sometimes nursing mothers get the infection on their nipples, which causes redness and itching and makes it painful to breastfeed. To treat it, your doctor can prescribe an antifungal cream to apply to your nipples after nursing. It also helps to stay topless whenever possible (what else is new for a nursing mom!) so your skin can air out. Both Mom and baby should be treated; otherwise they can pass the infection back and forth.

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