Postpartum Depression: What Your Partner Can Do

If you are suffering from postpartum depression, there are little ways your partner or family can help during your recovery. Dr. Judy Greene recommends simple ways your loved ones can help you get back to your healthy self.


[MUSIC] It's true that having a new baby can be a real stressor on the whole family. And for a new mom with postpartum depression, it's really important to have the partner and extended family support. One really helpful idea is to ask a family member or your partner to take care of the baby for an hour or two during the day, so you can get some well deserved rest, take a walk, do something for yourself like exercise for a half an hour. A small intervention, like an hour away from the baby, can be incredibly helpful. And at nighttime, if your partner or a family member. Can do a nighttime feeding whether it's with formula, or pumped breastmilk, or even if you're exclusively breast-feeding if your partner can bring the baby to you and then help change the baby after you've breastfed. That can get, help you get the well-deserved sleep that you need. Sometimes it can be really helpful to have your partner or a family member come in to treatment with a mental health clinician. Cuz your partner really knows what you were like before you had your baby and can be a really helpful part of your treatment. It can also be really helpful for your partner to understand how valuable either psychotherapy or medications can be. In terms of getting you back to how you used to feel before experiencing postpartum depression. So as much as your partner and family can be involved in your treatment, it's gonna really help. Accelerate the process of getting back to your healthy self, and being able to bond and connect with your baby. [MUSIC]

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