Postpartum Depression: Postpartum Depression vs. Baby Blues

Is it just the baby blues or something more serious? Dr. Judy Greene describes the difference between the baby blues and the symptoms of postpartum depression.


[MUSIC] The baby blues or postpartum blues effects about 52 to 80% of new moms. It's part of the normal adjustment to being a new mom and the symptoms are typically irritability, mood swings. And sadness. The baby blues is different from postpartum depression, because it will resolve without, any type of treatment. And it tends to peak around five days postpartum. And resolve within one to two weeks, after the baby's born. The difference between the baby blues and postpartum depression is with the baby blues the symptoms aren't nearly as severe. So you may have some tearfulness some irritability but not to the degree that a new mom with postpartum depression will have. And with the baby blues, these symptoms. Will resolve within one to two weeks and typically don't include severe symptoms like, scary thoughts about hurting the baby, suicidal thoughts, or really significant guilt and feeling like you're not a good enough new mom. With postpartum depression. Often times anxiety goes hand in hand with the symptoms of depression women will have a lot of worry thoughts about the babies health, the babies well being and also feelings of guilt that their not doing enough as a new mom their not a good enough new mother. With postpartum depression, you might have a difficult time connecting with your baby and feeling really attached and bonded in those first few weeks. But with the baby blues, you'll still be able to experience times of joyfulness and pleasure with your new baby. Regardless of the score that you get on a post partum depression screen, if you're worried that you have post partum depression, or you've had a history of depression or anxiety in the past, it's really important that you reach out for help, whether it's through your obstetrician/gynecologist, your baby's pediatrician, a midwife, a lactation consultant,. To get connected with a mental health clinician. [MUSIC]

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