Postpartum Depression: "My mind was racing all the time."

Claire is mom to 4-year-old and 2-year-old boys. A few weeks after her first pregnancy, Claire began exhibiting signs of postpartum depression, such as the inability to keep her mind from racing at all hours. Learn more about her story and her advice for women who are going through the same experience.


[MUSIC] So I have two kids, Sammy and Henry. Sammy is four and Henry is two. My first pregnancy was good, I didn't, you know, have Nausea or anything. The first few weeks actually were generally, fine. You know, exciting, new experiences. And, and then after about three or four weeks I started feeling down. I stopped sleeping, I was, like my mind was racing all the time. You know, I would just sort of lie awake in bed. At first it didn't, It didn't really occur to me that it was postpartum depression. I had read about the baby blues so I thought this is typical and, you know, it'll go away and. It's not a problem. I had had a psychiatrist that I had been to from time to time before so I went to here and I decided to stop breastfeeding and I went on medication at that time. They also pointed out to me that the most important thing [MUSIC] You know when you have this kind of depression, whether it's before you have the baby or after. It's to take care of the sleep. It's really hard as woman, whether you're pregnant or your your postpartum. When you, you know when you get depressed. Because there's actually not as much information and and support. Or at least obvious support as you would think. Go online immediately and try to find resources. [MUSIC]

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