Postpartum Depression: "It felt like I was sort of always on."

Amanda, mom to a 5-year-old son and a 2-1/2-year-old daughter, was overwhelmed and unable to settle in after the birth of her daughter. After seeking help, she was able to overcome her postpartum depression. Learn more about her story.


[MUSIC] My kids are wonderful. I have, I have a five year old son and a two and a half year old daughter. I had some pangs about being sort of being taken away from my. My son a little bit. Just sort of, you know, having my attention divided, and what that would feel like. But I, but I knew that more than anything else I wanted to have another kid. So I wasn't prepared for sort of how hard it felt. This was different and it wasn't, I wasnt' tearful. It wasn't about that so much as just You know, not being able to, to settle in, to sleep, not, not being able to turn things off and find, you know, kind of respite. I just felt sort of like I was always on. I sought out, just some therapy support from an old therapist that I had. But also I needed to go on some antidepressant medication and I knew that I was ready for it. Around six seven months I, I started to get myself back together. So it was maybe a two month stretch that I was really struggling. I mean I, I really just sort of think. You know, trust yourself, you know, if you really do feel like you are totally overwhelmed I mean at that point who cares what it's called, you know, it doesn't need to have a label. If you're totally overwhelmed you need to get some support. [MUSIC]

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