Postpartum Depression: "I started having a lot of problems sleeping."

Stacey began noticing signs of postpartum depression, including sleep problems, 5 or 6 weeks after having her daughter. Two weeks after beginning treatment, Stacey realized she no longer felt anxious. Watch as she shares her story and offers advice to other moms.


The pregnancy went well. I had very little morning sickness. I worked out throughout my pregnancy. I really had no issues. Well I did have. The baby blues, which I know is not the same thing. But I didn't even know that that existed. I was getting emotional every night because. I was crying every night because my life had changed so dramatically. When I started to notice the symptoms of what I now know is postpartum Depression was probably about five or six weeks after she was born. I started having a lot of problems sleeping. What I do think was related to the postpartum was intellectually, I know that I loved her, but I. And I would say I love her, but I don't want to take care of her. I just didn't want the responsibility. Of taking care of her, it felt overwhelming. But one night after, two weeks after taking the antidepressants, the anxiety started at six o'clock, and then all the sudden, like a couple hours later, I just realized like, I'm not anxious. I think if a woman who's just given birth is having major sleep problems, to me that could be a red flag that something's wrong. And if you have postpartum, depression or other mental health issues related to postpartum, period, It just takes time and you have to be patient.

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