Postpartum Depression

Learn your risk of postpartum depression, spot the major warning signs, and get the help you need to rebalance your mood.

Quiz: Could You Be Exhibiting Symptoms of Postpartum Depression?

Having a baby is a joyous event for most women. After childbirth, however, more than 80 percent of women suffer from a mild form of sadness, fear, anger, or anxiety. But if those baby blues don't go away after a week or two, it may signal a more serious problem. Take our quiz and find out if you may be showing signs of postpartum depression.

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How Depression Affects Your Family

Moms who are depressed often suffer in silence -- but this common illness can also take a heavy toll on their children. That's why getting treated is more important than ever.

Do I Have Postpartum Depression?

Learn the risk factors and signs of this treatable condition.

Postpartum Depression: Postpartum Anxiety

Anxiety is normal in new moms, but sometimes it can reach an extreme known as postpartum anxiety. Dr. Judy Greene outlines the symptoms of postpartum anxiety and explains how you can seek treatment.

Coping with Postpartum Depression

Is it just the "baby blues," or something more serious?

Could Postpartum Depression Happen to You?

What you can do if you're at high risk for developing PPD.

Postpartum Depression: Postpartum Depression vs. Baby Blues

Is it just the baby blues or something more serious? Dr. Judy Greene describes the difference between the baby blues and the symptoms of postpartum depression.

Postpartum Depression: "I couldn't even talk... without crying."

Molly, a mom of two, started having postpartum depression symptoms, such as weight loss and exhaustion, right after she gave birth. In this video, she offers advice for women who are in a similar position.

Postpartum Depression: "It felt like I was sort of always on."

Amanda, mom to a 5-year-old son and a 2-1/2-year-old daughter, was overwhelmed and unable to settle in after the birth of her daughter. After seeking help, she was able to overcome her postpartum depression. Learn more about her story.

Ways to Prevent Postpartum Depression

Some 80 percent of new mothers experience severe mood swings, known as baby blues, and 10 percent suffer major postpartum depression (PPD) in the first year. Here are steps you can take now to safeguard your well-being after the baby is born.

What Postpartum Depression Looks Like

One mom describes her experience navigating through postpartum depression after the birth of her child.

The Pediatricians' Role in Postpartum Depression

New mothers who have severe postpartum depression may need to look no further than their new baby's doctor to get some help, a new study shows.

A Wall of Silence: When Mom Has Depression

When a mother is depressed, her children suffer too -- and more deeply than previously thought. It's key to recognize the symptoms and take steps to find a solution. Meet moms who spoke up, sought help, and overcame a condition that stood between their family and happiness.

Why We're Loving These Photos of Postpartum Moms

Thanks to #takebackpostpartum aimed at celebrating the post-baby body, a growing number of new moms are adding their voices to the chorus of self-acceptance.

Hayden Panettiere Opens Up About Postpartum Depression

A talk show may not be a natural place to talk about postpartum depression, but thankfully that didn't stop Hayden Panettiere from sharing her story.

Postpartum Depression: "I started having a lot of problems sleeping."

Stacey began noticing signs of postpartum depression, including sleep problems, 5 or 6 weeks after having her daughter. Two weeks after beginning treatment, Stacey realized she no longer felt anxious. Watch as she shares her story and offers advice to other moms.

Postpartum Depression: What Is Postpartum Depression?

Postpartum depression is more common than you may think. Dr. Judy Greene explains the symptoms of postpartum depression, from mild to severe, and also advises how new moms can seek treatment.

Just Show Up: A Love Story

For months, I felt no connection whatsoever to my newborn son. Then one day an idea took hold that changed everything.

Hayden Panettiere Seeks Treatment for Postpartum Depression...Again

On the heels of her show "Nashville" being canceled, actress Hayden Panettiere is headed back to treatment for postpartum depression.

When a Baby Brings the Blues

In the weeks after our daughter was born, my wife sank into a deep depression. It was months before she could finally experience the joy of motherhood.

10 Ways to Prevent Postpartum Depression

Some 80 percent of new mothers experience severe mood swings, known as baby blues, and 10 percent suffer major postpartum depression (PPD) in the first year. Here are steps you can take now to safeguard your well-being after the baby is born.

Postpartum Depression: "My mind was racing all the time."

Claire is mom to 4-year-old and 2-year-old boys. A few weeks after her first pregnancy, Claire began exhibiting signs of postpartum depression, such as the inability to keep her mind from racing at all hours. Learn more about her story and her advice for women who are going through the same experience.

Postpartum Depression Is More Common Than We Thought

It turns out, the scope and nature of PPD are far different than we originally thought.

Postpartum Depression: What Your Partner Can Do

If you are suffering from postpartum depression, there are little ways your partner or family can help during your recovery. Dr. Judy Greene recommends simple ways your loved ones can help you get back to your healthy self.