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It can be downright scary if strange or unfamiliar symptoms present themselves. When you're not quite sure what's wrong, use our advice to keep your baby healthy in any situation.

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Mom Speaks Out After Her Baby Almost Dies of Herpes from a Stranger Kissing Her on the Lips

A 22-year-old first-time mom got the shock of a lifetime when her daughter start screaming inexplicably when she put her in the bath this past December.

Early Helmet Therapy Yields Better Results for Infants With Flat Head Syndrome

Infants who experience skull flattening may have best results if they start helmet therapy sooner rather than later, according to new research.

This Family Donned Helmets to Support Their Son

When her baby brother had to wear a special helmet to treat flat-head syndrome, one big sister rallied her family in a unique show of support.

Kissing Babies Could Be Deadly: One Mom's Heartbreaking Warning

Their baby daughter died after contracting the herpes virus from a loved one's kiss or touch. Now her parents are passing along an important message.

How and Why Baby's Poop Changes

You can learn a lot about how your little one is developing by looking in her diaper. Here's a guide to the changes you'll see over the first year.

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Mom's Beautiful Photos Aim to Raise Awareness About Pediatric Stroke

Two of Micah Simmons' children suffered strokes in utero that left a lasting impact. Now, she wants to raise awareness about pediatric stroke, which is more common than you may think.

The Reason This Adorable Baby Is Squeezed Into a Glass Tube

No, this is not a picture of a baby stuck in a giant test tube.