Soothe a Teething Baby with the Teething Cookie

This easy-to-make teething cookie will soothe a baby's sore gums. There are only 3 simple and natural ingredients, including whole wheat flour.


-Chloe, do you remember when you were a little baby and your teeth used to hurt and I used to make homemade teething biscuits for you? -Uh huh. -I don't suppose you still want one, would you? -Uh huh. -Really? -Yeah. -To make your teeth feel better? -Yeah. -To make your tummy feel better? -Yeah. -Make mommy feel better. When Kenny and Chloe were little babies, I used to make them homemade teething cookies all the time. It was a special treat that I could make that was really easy for me and something that I felt like they really enjoyed. So, to start, we're gonna take one large egg, and we're just looking for the egg yolk. So, we're gonna remove the egg white. So, you just crack it over a bowl and just keep flipping there back and forth letting the white drip in to the bowl underneath it and then you can make an egg white omelet for yourself afterwards. So, the yolk is gonna go right into-- come one, there we go-- into the food processor, okay? And then what I'm gonna pour in with that is 2 tablespoons of oil-- and I like to make this in the food processor 'cause it's just so much easier-- some molasses-- molasses are great because it's high in iron, which can be important for babies. You grab a whisk here, okay. All right, there's molasses, and then a tablespoon of either rice or soy milk. My husband drinks rice milk so I always have that in the refrigerator-- and a teaspoon of vanilla, which is gonna give a distinct extra bit of delicious flavor. I'm just gonna put the top on and whisk this up for just a second. All right, and even the 8 months, you can get your baby to help you put-- have them push their little finger on the food processor. I always used to do that with the kids. Now here, 3 quarters cup of whole wheat flour-- lots of extra nutrition-- a tablespoon of soy flour, and some wheat [unk]. I'm just gonna put that and you want to just whisk it up to make sure that everything gets completely distributed and that's it. Just pour it into the food processor. Seriously, like how much easier could that possibly be? And if you don't have a food processor, you can always do this by hand. And what you're looking forward to do is form a ball because that ball will make it really easy to roll out. That's it. You never even have to turn it off, just scrape it down. See it comes in that-- just that ball and that's what makes this dough so easy. So I take out the blender, let me get the blade. When the-- when the kids were babies and I started making homemade baby food, I went to the grocery and was looking on the shelves and I'm like, "Oh yeah, they should have homemade teething cookies, something sweet. Set a nice little treat." And then I realize, "Why not I make them, you know, make them fresh, make them homemade instead of a [unk] box that are made with white flour and all things like extra sugar and things that really aren't nutritious for them." So, now I'm gonna take about a tablespoon of whole wheat flour. Just that when used in the recipe, and I'm gonna pat it down, and you could do this with a rolling pin if you want, but I like to do it with my hands, because this is one of those doughs that's just so forgiving. Okay, I'm gonna make it into a square just like that. You can do this on a roll-- on a flat board like this marble surface or you could do it on the cutting board, whatever you want. And you just form it into a square. And I remember the first time I made these and Kenny, I handed it to him, after he was just eating so much homemade baby food, all these different puree's, and I handed him a cookie. It was like solid real food and he loved it so much like double these up. On here, you just gonna make a cross-section in the middle and then you just form them into bars. This recipe will make about 10 to 12. It just depends how thin or thick you want them. I usually make them about an inch-and-a-half each. They're perfect for little baby hands. They're holding their first solid food. And you're gonna bake them and put them on each cookie sheet like this. You can either do parchment lined or you could do it silpat lined like I've got here, which is a great heat conductor. Just lined them all up and you're gonna put them into a 350-degree oven for about 10 minutes. And what-- you want them to be soft, and you don't want them to be too hard like this. Oh, I think that Kenny and Chloe are gonna love these even though they're not teething anymore. I'm gonna go see if I can round them up and have a bite. For more fast, fresh, and easy recipes like this and more, check out

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