How I Lost the Baby Weight: Watching What You Eat

Emily shares how she made the switch from eating fast food one to two times a week to cooking at home with healthy ingredients. It's a change that gives her the energy she needs to raise her kids.


[MUSIC] Before I was pregnant, my body was much weaker than it is now. My physical activity was pretty inconsistent. I didn't feed my body the nutrition that it needed to run after little kids. My pregnancy with my daughter in 2010 was really when things started switching in my head. I really had to change things around and start eating healthy and start exercising because I had a life growing inside of me that I was responsible for. My first pregnancy I gained about 25 pounds. My first child, my beautiful daughter Malan, was born December 20th 2010, and she was just the most perfect little baby. I had a really great labor and delivery with her. Not to bad, my husband was you know the best coach I could ever ask for and after I had my daughter, I really decided to lose all the baby weight and plus some. Wrote down everything I ate, logged it on my Fitness Pal and that worked really well for me. I tried to make my breakfast as healthy as possible with whatever vegetables I have in my refrigerator. All for my lovely egg scramble. Buying a jogging stroller is the best thing you could do because. The kids love to go on a ride, you give them a little snack, and you get to go for a run, so it's really killing two birds with one stone. [MUSIC] My body is much stronger and much more important to me now than ever. [MUSIC] These are my babies, Quinn and Maelynn. Maelynn's three and a half,. Quinn is almost 15 months and they are my number one motivators. yeah.

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