How I Lost the Baby Weight: Staying in Shape

Ashley was already a healthy eater and kept up her Pilates exercise routine during much of her pregnancy. She shares how she stayed fit after her baby and lost all of the weight she had gained by the time her son turned one.


[MUSIC] Before I was pregnant with baby number two I felt like my body was in pretty good shape. Really really conscientious about what I eat, with splurges of course. I love cake. I do Pilates three formal sessions. Every weekend. And I actually continued that up until I was 39 weeks pregnant. We had pretty easy labor and delivery. We knew right from the start that he was a unique personality. He also is a big eater. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] I started back with Weight Watchers about five weeks after my son was born. I saw results, and started seeing pounds come off. I started one of the beach body workouts which was actually turbo kick. And I did meet my goal of losing all of my baby weight by the time my son turned one.

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