How I Lost the Baby Weight: Setting a Goal

Sheana shares how working toward her goal of becoming a professional cheerleader gave her the motivation to lose her baby weight.


[MUSIC] I was quite active before I got pregnant. I have a background in dance so that definitely helped keep me in really good shape. However a few months before I got pregnant I wasn't active in the dance world really anymore. Or in the fitness world in general. And on top of that, my eating habits declined as well. I had baby number two, Landon, on December 25th, 2012. That's right, he's a Christmas baby. I was like, ho, ho, holy Christmas. I'm going into labor. He is the best Christmas gift ever though. He was such an easy baby. [MUSIC] When I was cleared from the doctor I started exercising doing Gillian Michael's DVDs. About four to six times a week. It sounds like lot but her DVDs were only 30 minutes or less. You really can't beat that. [MUSIC] My biggest goal didn't come until the spring of this year, which is what I like to call audition season for dance. I had always wanted to be a professional cheerleader, so having kept that in the back of my mind really helped me push through and. Reach and surpass my fitness goals. I'm happy to say that i've been selected to be a San Diego soccer girl. We are the professional cheer leaders for the San Diego Sockers, who are a part of the major arena soccer league here in San Diego. [MUSIC] Hard work and persistence definitely pays off. And I hope that my boys run after me. [MUSIC]

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