Exercise With Baby: Biceps

These arm workouts are a great addition to your postpartum exercise routine. They will delight Baby and tone your arms in only a few minutes per day.


I know how hard it can be to fit in a workout as a new mom so I'm gonna show you some exercises you can do with your baby. This is great for toning your arms. So, you wanna hold your precious little one out in front of you, get your biceps working and then lift them up to the sky and lower down. You can even use your legs a little bit to boost. They really are good weights, the little ones. Work out to 12 to 15 reps of those and then we're gonna do Rock-a-bye Baby. So, you want to stand with your feet a little wider than hip with the part, nice bend in the knees. Hold your baby with your right arm so that your hand is underneath their little bums and this is gonna work the right bicep and you're gonna rock back and forth so it's a little "rock-a-bye baby in the treetop." Now, you wanna do 10 reps with the right arm underneath and then you're gonna switch 'til the left arm is underneath. Make sure you hold them tight. Now, you're working more your left bicep and arm and you'll notice that one arm is totally weaker than the other arm so this is really good to balance it out and get used to carrying your baby with both sides. You'll definitely be one tough mother after doing these moves.

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