July 02, 2015

Q: My 4-week-old baby has been losing his hair. Is this normal?

A: Almost all babies lose some of the hair they're born with shortly after birth and then slowly grow a new head of hair, so what you're seeing is probably totally fine. Sometimes cradle cap (which causes the scalp to become scaly) can accelerate newborn hair loss or delay the growth of new hair. But this is also no cause for concern, since cradle cap usually subsides on its own in a few weeks, after which your baby's new hair will begin to appear. For some kids, it can take a year or longer for the new hair to fully grow in, so don't stress if your baby is a baldie for a while. If you're still worried (or your baby continues losing hair after 6 months), mention the hair loss to your pediatrician at your baby's next well visit, since -- in rare cases -- it could be an early sign of things like anemia, thyroid problems, or an immune system problem. However, these conditions usually come with several other, more obvious symptoms, so if your child appears to be healthy, happy, and growing well, you most likely have nothing to worry about.

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Answered by Parents.com-Team