Flu Vaccine Tips with Tia Mowry

Tia Mowry, actress and mother of 2-year-old Cree, chats with Parents about the importance of flu prevention for families. Even though the celeb mom doesn't like needles, Mowry shares her secret to keeping her son healthy and flu-free this season.


-I never realized the importance of the flu vaccination. -Yes. -But after really understanding how the flu can really take a huge toll on the entire family and we all know that once a mom is down or sick, it's like instant chaos. -I know that's what it was like in my family. I realized that it was really important to make sure that flu vaccinations were a part of my family's annual routine. The first thing is when we think about vaccinations, we think about needles. -Yes. -And including myself along with kids, needles aren't I don't think anyone's best friend so I think it creates some sense of fear when it comes to vaccinations so one thing that I love about FluMist Quadrivalent is it's needle free. In regards to the, so that's, that's amazing, that's great. You know that you're not gonna have a crying child leave the pediatrician's office which is a plus. The other this is, it's FDA approved. -And extra, extra, extra love and extra attention. They're scared. They don't know what's going on with their bodies and things are happening that doesn't necessarily happen. They're sneezing, they're coughing and they get scared so just to support them in a way where they feel comfortable in some kind of way whether that's, daddy will sleep with you, taking a little nap with them, just doing soft gentle things like that I think is beneficial.

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