Redness Around a Baby's Eyes

My 11-month-old gets redness around her eyes often.


My 11-month-old gets redness around her eyes often. She looks as if she's been crying. Her nose is also very red. What could cause this? She has mild eczema, but not on the face. We have two rabbits, but she is not around them often. How do we find out if it is an allergy?


The skin around the eyes is among the most sensitive on the body, and redness may show up there before it would in other places. Redness around the eyes can come from allergies, or from rubbing, or from another source of irritation (say, something like cigarette smoke). At 11 months, an allergy could occur to something in her diet, such as cow's milk or wheat or egg, for instance.

One possibility would be to try a different formula, like Nutramigen, for a couple of weeks to see if it makes a difference. Allergy testing can be helpful at that age to find a source, but it may be more than you want to do if it's not bothering her much. An air filter in her room might help, if the rabbit dander is an issue.

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