Eye & Vision Problems

Eye infections can affect your baby's vision and result in red, watery, goopy eyes that are itchy and make it hard for your baby to see. Learn about 3 common eye conditions and treatments, including pinkeye, blocked tear duct, and sty.

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When to Worry: Pinkeye

Could your infant's swollen eye be pinkeye? Find out if your baby has the symptoms of this infection and how to treat it.

What Is Blepharitis?

If you notice Baby rubbing his eyes, which seem to be more swollen and irritated than usual, a little-known (but usually mild) condition called blepharitis might be the problem. Learn the symptoms of blepharitis and how to get proper treatment.

3 Common Eye Conditions and Treatments

Find out how to identify and treat pinkeye, blocked tear ducts, and sties.

Eye Exams for Babies

It's important to make sure your baby's vision is on track from an early age, so before you schedule another well-baby exam with the pediatrician, here's what you need to know about infant eye exams.

More Eye & Vision Problems

Caring for a Baby With Vision Problems

Communication is crucial when caring for a baby with vision problems. Here are ways to help keep your little one's development on track.