Life with A Cochlear Implant

One family talks about raising a deaf daughter and how she explains her hearing device to other children. "Some people need glasses to see while some people need cochlear implants to hear," she tells them.


-My name is John Carney. -I'm Nicole Carney and our daughter is Rose Carney and she's 4 years old. She was born deaf, but hears now with bilateral cochlear implants. We started out finding out in the hospital actually that two days after she was born that she didn't pass the newborn screening test and then we went to NYU to have an ABR test and it determined that she had profound hearing loss in both ears. At 9 months old, she had the surgery done by Dr. Roland at NYU Implant Center. -It's about a month from when you get the implants to when they can activate them and then you have this moment where your child who has never heard your voice before suddenly starts hearing your voice. It was-- It was a pretty incredible experience. Rose is very good at explaining to people just in the playground about what her implants are. If somebody asks about them, I'll see Rose explaining, well, some people glasses to be able to see and I use this to be able to hear. One of the biggest challenges that she faces is when you're in a very loud place, it becomes difficult to differentiate the voice that's talking to you versus all the background noise. -There's a setting actually on the device. You can put it to noise level so that the device actually only catch the area of sound that are coming directly at her and taken away any sound that's coming off from behind her to just sort of try and hopefully increase the, you know, ability for her to be able to her what's going on. -One of her favorite things in the whole world is being able to read and ask questions about what we're reading, which is terrific especially for somebody who does have a hearing disability because she is-- you know, without really realizing it, she's practicing hearing every time she asks some question. -She has a baby sister too who is 14 months and John said she said something funny the other day about her implants when Maddie was crying and she's like, I think Maddie is crying because she doesn't have CIs like I do. And I'm like, oh, Rose, that's too sweet.

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