Hearing Loss

Some hearing problems don't present themselves until your baby is several months old. Learn how to protect your baby's hearing, and more, including safe ways to clean your baby's ears.

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Sound Off on Hearing Loss
Hearing loss is surprisingly common in babies -- but a shocking number of children aren't diagnosed or treated until much too late.
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Caring for a Baby With Hearing Loss
If your baby has hearing loss, some aspects of baby care can be a little tricky. Here's what to expect and how to help your infant develop at her own pace.

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Listen to This
What can your baby hear -- and how much does she understand? Learn all about what's going on between those cute little ears.
Sound Advice for Children's Ears
Your child's ears are prone to all sorts of problems that can cause pain, affect hearing, and even delay language development. That's why it's crucial to keep these delicate little organs healthy. Our guide will show you how.