Hearing Loss

Some hearing problems don't present themselves until your baby is several months old. Learn how to protect your baby's hearing, and more, including safe ways to clean your baby's ears.

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Noisy Toys and Kids' Hearing

Your child's loud toys aren't just annoying; they could seriously harm her hearing. Here's why (and how) you should turn down the volume.
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How to Protect Baby's Hearing

Little ears need lots of attention. Here's how to make sure your baby's hearing is on track.
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Sound Off on Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is surprisingly common in babies -- but a shocking number of children aren't diagnosed or treated until much too late.
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Caring for a Baby With Hearing Loss

If your baby has hearing loss, some aspects of baby care can be a little tricky. Here's what to expect and how to help your infant develop at her own pace.
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More Hearing Loss

All About Your Baby's Hearing

Watch your new baby for signs that he's hearing properly.
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Baby' Exposure to Loud Noise

Dr. Alan Greene answers the question, Could loud noises damage my baby's ears?
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