Baby Care Basics: What is Down Syndrome?

Having a baby with Down Syndrome can be overwhelming, Here are some important things to know about this condition and the road ahead for you and your infant.


Down Syndrome occurs when a baby has an extra chromosome at conception. No one knows the exact cause, but the risk increases with the mother's age. If your baby has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome, you probably have a lot of questions, and you may feel overwhelmed thinking about the challenges it had. Here are three things to remember if your baby has been diagnosed. You're not alone. Down Syndrome is the most common genetic condition occurring in one in every 800 births. That means it's easy to connect with other parents who can share advice and encouragement. Look for support group in your community or contact the National Down Syndrome Society. He can live a full and productive life. People with Down Syndrome are living longer than ever before, and increasingly completing high school, integrating into society, and living independently. Because of the increased risk for things like vision and heart problems, it's very important to take your child for regular checkups with a healthcare provider who has experience caring for children with Down Syndrome. She will also help ensure that you and your child get appropriate support services. Overall, enjoy your baby. Yes, there will be challenges, but there will also be joy, just like with any other baby.

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