Help Baby Get Over a Cold

How to clear your baby'€™s nose using saline drops and a bulb syringe.


During her first year life your baby will probably catch a cold every other month. No cold medications are considered safe or effective for babie, so use saline drops to liquefy mucus in your baby's nose, helping it to drain. Lie your baby down and tilt her head back. Then close one nostril with your finger and let two to three saline drops fall in the other nostril. Leave the drops in for a few seconds, then use the suction bulb to remove the mucus. Squeeze the bulb between your thumb and index finger and insert it into your baby's nose. There should be no space between the inside of baby's nose and the syringe. Don't be afraid that you're inserting it too far -- the bulb is designed to prevent ths. Release your thumb and finger to dry out the mucus. Do this with the saline drops before each feeding as well as before naps and bedtime.

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