No matter what you do, your baby will inevitably get a cold - and more than one. There's not really much you can do to prevent it from happening. But there are things you can do to ease your baby's discomfort.

How to Decode Your Baby's Cough

Hear wheezing, hacking, or barking in your infant's cough? Find out what's normal and what could be a symptom of something more serious.

Conquering Colds and Flu

Advice for surviving stuffy noses, coughs, and crankiness.

Cold Comfort

The fall and winter months are Sicky City. We've got expert advice on helping her through the illnesses that bother babies most.

Surviving Baby's First Cold and Flu Season

Truth: Your baby will get sick this winter. Still, there's plenty you can do to keep those doctor visits to a minimum.

Cold Complications

The same viruses that cause a stuffy nose can infect other areas of the body -- or reduce your child's immunity and pave the way for a secondary bacterial infection.

Snot Removal 101

This guide to removing the snot from your baby's nose will help you through what can feel like one of the trickiest jobs of parenthood -- in four simple steps.

5 Things to Do When Your Baby Has a Cold

If your little one is sick, follow this guide to help her feel better.

Your Guide to Baby Colds

The average cold can last up to 10 days--that's a long time of not feeling well for a baby! Here's how to survive and make your little one feel better, too.

When to Worry: Coughs & Colds

It's difficult to watch your baby suffer through coughing or a cold. Discover some remedies for your tot so he can breate easier.

Dad Posts Plea After Baby Almost Dies: Parents, Wash Your Hands

One dad is spreading the word about the importance of hand washing after almost losing his baby girl to RSV.

When to Worry: Bronchiolitis

Bronchiolitis is usually caused by a viral infection of your child's respiratory tract and might start off looking like a cold. Learn how to treat this condition and when you should worry.

Babies Catching a Cold

Dr. Alan Greene answers the question, Why is she sick, and how should we care for her?

When to Worry: RSV

Children with respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, have many of the same symptoms as a bad cold but could be a serious condition. Find out how to treat RSV and when you should worry.

Vitamin D May Be the Key to Fewer Colds

Could a simple vitamin (and no, not vitamin C!) be the key to cutting down on the seemingly never-ending colds and infections that are highjacking our households this winter?

4 Common Questions About Curing Baby's Cold

When your little one gets sick, you just want to make her feel better. We can help.

Help Baby Get Over a Cold

How to clear your baby's nose using saline drops and a bulb syringe.

Soothe Baby's Cold Symptoms

No matter how cautious you are, your baby's going to come down with a cold at some point. We asked pediatricians across the country how they've soothed their own sick little ones.

When to Worry: A Lingering Cough

Your child's lingering cough is most likely due to the common cold, but it could be a sign of something more serious. Learn about at-home treatment methods and when you should call a doctor.