Baby Care Basics: When a Baby Has a Birth Defect

If your baby has a birth defect, there are many organzations that can help you care for your bundle of joy. Learn more about how to cope emotionally and the resources that are available to you.


There are many types of birth defects, some are treatable and others are more serious and complicated. Having a baby who is born with a birth defect is overwhelming. But I want you to know that there are many people and organizations ready to help you care for your child. Start with your Pediatrician. She can direct you to valuable resources such as at your local hospital which may offer support groups or child care classes for parents of babies with disabilities. She can also connect you to your State's early prevention program which can provide services like physical therapy and speech therapy. There are many organizations dedicated to offering emotional support and educational resources for families. Easter Seals provides inclusive child care and early intervention for babies and children with disabilities. The March of Dimes offers information and comfort to parents whose babies have a variety of health issues. Regardless of your child's diagnosis, there's bound to be a specific national organization devoted to helping families cope. Your local chapter can become an instant network of support and of education.

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