8 Different Kinds of Teethers to Help You Find the Right One for Your Baby

From a freezer teether to a teething bib, different solutions work for different teething babies. Shop these 8 from retailers like BuyBuyBaby, Amazon, and Target.
By Jessica Hartshorn
September 02, 2020
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A tooth pushing its way through your baby’s gums is bound to bring drool at best and tears at worst. The best ways to help your baby is to give them something safe and appropriate to chew that allows for a little counterpressure. All  of these options are easy for your baby to use. But babies are famously choosey, as you’ve likely already learned from trying bottles or pacifiers, which is why we’re giving you eight very different options. Your baby will tell you whether the freezer teether, bib, mitt, or some other option works best! 

Credit: Amazon

Put the Green Sprouts Cooling Teether in your freezer or fridge and the water inside turns icy. Then your baby can easily hold the BPA-free plastic ring and bite on the chilly circles for some gum-numbing relief. Four different patterns in the beads provide different surfaces to bite down on. Just one note, and that’s to hand wash this soft teether because it will melt in boiling water or the microwave.

To buy: $4; amazon.com

Credit: Buy Buy Baby

Wear Chewbeads (or just hand them to your kid) and they’ll have something to grab onto and gnaw wherever you are. The beads are made from soft, nontoxic silicone and come in bright colors or your basic black and gray. The necklaces are great accessories on their own, too—we’ve had staff moms wear them past their baby’s teething stage!

To buy: $30; buybuybaby.com

Credit: Amazon

How brilliant to make the sippy, which your baby already loves to hold, also a teether! The four “chew zones” on the silicone lip of The First Years Teethe Around Sensory Cup each have a different texture to let your baby find her favorite.  

To buy: $8; amazon.com

Credit: Target

This was invented by a mom who knew that babies always seem to manage to get their own hand in their mouth. Your little teether can wear a Makarkey Kids Munch Mitt and bite down on it instead of their tiny fingers for some much-needed teething relief. It comes with a carrying case to keep it nice and clean (and easy to find in your bag).

To buy: $10; target.com

Credit: Amazon

Families are just crazy about this banana-shaped teething toy! The Nuby Baby Soothing Banana Teether is all about the shape—it’s long and thin and can reach even your baby’s back gums. The handles make it easy for your baby to wield, and it’s safe to sterilize this silicone in boiling water.

To buy: $6; amazon.com

Credit: Amazon

Bandana bibs are popular for catching drool, and the addition of a food-grade silicone teether on the tip is brilliant! Your baby can flip up the end of the BooginHead Bandana Teether to bite down on the teether part. Two snaps in back help it fit your kiddo into toddlerhood. And the whole thing can be thrown in the wash for cleaning. 

To buy: $8-$10; amazon.com

Credit: Buy Buy Baby

Since fussy babies are soothed by sucking and teething babies get relief from chomping, it makes sense to offer the opportunity to go back and forth between both of those things with the RaZbaby Teether. It’s a bumpy, nubby pacifier made of food-grade silicone that infants ages 3 months and up find delightful.

To buy: $5; buybuybaby.com

Credit: Target

How adorable is this? A ring teether is super traditional, but the Itzy Ritzy Ring Cactus Rattle and Teether is a sweet modern riff on the bracelet shape. Your baby will love biting on the silicone ring itself or the nubby cactus, and two small silicone circles rattle around for additional distraction and entertainment.  

To buy: $9; target.com