Baby Teeth & Teething

Teething can be an ordeal for your baby - and you! Learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms of teething, find out when babies start teething, plus get advice on how to ease your baby's pain. Plus expert advice on how to care for your baby's teeth, and when to make your first dentist appointment.

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How to Clean Baby Teeth
Even though your baby's primary teeth fall out, taking care of them is essential for their gums and those future permanent teeth. Here are the best tips for keeping your little one's teeth clean.
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From a freezer teether to a teething bib, different solutions work for different babies. Shop these eight teething toys from retailers like BuyBuyBaby, Amazon, and Target.
How to Manage the Teething Stage
Did your little one just start teething? Learn how to manage the discomfort of this major milestone.
The Ultimate Baby Teeth Chart
Know when to expect your tot's first pearly whites—and how to care for them!—with this helpful baby teething chart and expert advice.  
What Parents Need to Know About the Child Who Died Under Dental Anesthesia
Our hearts go out to the parents of the toddler who passed away during a dental procedure. And here's what parents can take away from this unthinkable tragedy.
Can Teething Cause a Fever in Babies?
Teething might raise your baby's temperature, but usually not enough to be considered a fever, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Here's how to tell if your child is teething or sick.

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