Not only does this carrier correct your and your baby's posture, but it has great storage and is ideal for easy on and off accessibility.  

TushBaby Carrier Child Facing Forward

Soon to be mother-of-three Tammy Rant is the mastermind behind the baby carrier that will have you wondering how has no one thought of this before? TushBaby, the baby seat that sits on your hip, acts like a saddle to evenly distribute your baby’s weight which means no more back pain for you! (And that’s just one of the amazing benefits.) Yes, as parents we can easily find ourselves dishing out cash for unneeded baby equipment, but TushBaby may just be worth it.

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“I created TushBaby because my daughter always wanted to be held. I found myself uncomfortably carrying her all the time and was putting on complicated carriers in situations where it was less than ideal. I found myself around my house wearing them, and had her strapped to and hanging from me at social gatherings when I really wanted an easy on and off solution for her where she could still interact and something that I could leave on my body without having straps dangling from me. That’s when I decided to create it myself,” Rant told

TushBaby Carrier Front Pocket
Credit: Courtesy of TushBaby

With convenience in mind, Rant took her idea and went above and beyond. The belted seat—which looks just like a fanny pack—has a large storage pocket (perfect for diapers, wipes, bottles, etc.), a phone pocket, a front pocket, and a side zipper pocket as well as a loop for any toy attachments. This all-in-one device not only lessons the weight of your baby but consolidates your purse, diaper bag, and carrier all into one.

TushBaby Carrier Front View
Credit: Courtesy of TushBaby

Each TushBaby carrier is made up of high-quality fabric, lined with plush padding for abdomen comfort, and keeps your baby’s bum happy with a squishy memory foam seat covered by anti-slip fabric. Oh, and did we mention the belt buckle contains two safeguards for peace of mine and security? That’s what we call a quality product.

TushBaby Carrier
Credit: Courtesy of TushBaby

Now to the best benefit of them all: back support. Instead of sticking your hip out to hold your baby, this device leaves your spine in an upright position—talk about life-changing. Not only is your back in better shape but the saddle has your baby sitting in the pediatric recommend “M” position which promotes proper hip health for your little one, too. Talk about a win, win.

TushBaby Carrier Side View
Credit: Courtesy of TushBaby

Again, TushBaby isn’t a parenting necessity, but if you are looking for easy on and off the hip accessibility that provides storage and promotes healthy posture for both you and your baby, it's worth checking out. If interested you can purchase your own TushBaby at for $67.