Weatherproof Your Stroller

How to accessorize your stroller for different kinds of weather.


-Hi, I'm Jessica Hartshorn from American Baby Magazine and I'm gonna show you how you can winterize your stroller. Some strollers are sold with a rain guard like this one. They can keep rain or snow from hitting your baby while you walk down the street. If your stroller didn't come with a rain guard you can buy them separately. Just do an online search to see if there's one for your particular stroller model or you can get a generic stroller rain guard that will fit over most any model. Some strollers also come with a handy little boot. If it's cold that keeps your baby's legs warm down there on the bottom of the stroller. If your stroller doesn't come with a boot though, they are easy to buy as accessories. This sort of stroller sacs are made of big, downy materials sometimes. You can get one of these if you live up north to make your stroller nice and warm on a winter day. If you're in a more southern climate and just need a lighter one, there are also lighter versions. And the advantage to buying one of these stroller sacs for the stroller is that it attaches to the stroller, so your baby can't kick it off like they might kick off a blanket. So with all these accessories, you'll be ready for any weather.

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