Meet the Travel System

The parts that make a stroller a travel system.


-Hi. I??m Jessica Hartshorn from American Baby Magazine. I??m going to teach you how a travel system works. A travel system is one of the baby world??s biggest bargains. You get a stroller and a car seat sold together for about a $100 less than what you??d pay if you bought this piece separately. And because the stroller and the car seat are sold together, they??re meant to work together, that means you can have your sleeping baby in the car and take them out in the car seat without disturbing them and snap the whole car seat right under the stroller which become sort of a wheeled-base for the car seat. It??ll snap in there nice and tight and lets you take your baby around undisturbed. And of course if you wanna just keep the car seat in the car especially later as your child grows older, then you??ve got the stroller to use on its own. Alternatively, you can buy your car seat and then buy a stroller frame to put it on. This is a stroller frame it??s basically a basket with wheels. You can buy a sort of generic version like the Snap and Go that will accept all different kinds of car seats and make a sort of wheeled-base for them. You can also get a stroller frame built for your specific kind of car seat. So this car seat snaps right on to its own frame. You??ll hear it clicks down so it??s on a nice and tight and it makes [unk] easy way to get a baby around for the first 6 months and can be useful and less expensive than a full size stroller if you wanna wait and make your full size stroller purchase later.

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