Snazz Up Your Stroller

Helpful and adorable stroller accessories.


Hi, I'm Jessica Hartshorn from American baby magazine and I'm gonna show you how you can soup your stroller with all kinds of fun accessories. First, I'm gonna talk about stroller liners. There are nice thick pad that you put on the stroller like this one. It's reversible and made of memory foam. So obviously it's gonna give your baby a really comfy ride in a stroller, but the other big advantage to buying a stroller liner is that when you need to clean the stroller seat, you just pull the liner off and the whole thing can go into wash. Next, you can look for stroller toys that will keep your baby happy and occupy them a stroller. There are plenty of toys with a link like this that will attach to a stroller. You can also buy links separately, which make toys of their own or you can use them to attach other toys. There are things like portable mobiles that will attach to your stroller or toy arches that will go over a stroller and the best part about stroller toys is your baby can toss them overboard. Finally, I'm gonna show you how you can soup up the back of your stroller. Most diaper bags are made with a long handle that will fit over the back of a stroller, but for any reason your diaper bag is not matching to your stroller. You can buy special hooks to attach your diaper bag. There is also an accessory called the Mommy Hook that you can put on the back and you can use this to hang any kind of purse or plastic bags from the supermarket. Just be sure you don't overload the back of the stroller or it's gonna tip. And so there you have it, your stroller is all souped up.

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