Mom-Tested Baby Slings & Carriers

How to Buy Baby Gear on a Budget
We put baby carriers and slings to the test. Check out what our mommy testers—and one daddy tester—had to say, and find the one that's right for your bambino.

Beco 8 Baby Carrier

This sleek, well-padded carrier wins out on the versatility front. Little one can be carried facing inwards, outwards, on the hip and on the back. "The front mesh vent keeps baby cool during warm weather jaunts" says Stephen Dennison, dad to 1-year-old Esme and our digital director’s husband. "Plus the foldable headrest makes naps-on-the-go a doddle.” ($180)

Baby Bjorn Carrier Miracle

Moms tell us they love this Baby Bjorn with extra back support. "It was easy on my spine, breezy for a newbie to fasten, and, in black, went with everything I wore," one mom tells us. ($140)

Courtesy of ERGObaby
Courtesy of ERGObaby

ERGObaby Organic Baby Carrier

The fact that this carrier can be worn three ways -- on your front, on your hip, or on your back-wins over plenty of parents. "I loved the ERGObaby because it distributed the weight more to my hips and preserved my back," a parent tells us. ($135)

Maya Wrap

This old-school carrier has fans as well. "I loved the Maya Wrap because it was so easy to wear, and it worked great for my daughters, who used it until they were well past age 2," says an editor in our office. "It looks like a super big infinity scarf, so you can almost get away with wearing it without the baby!" ($75)

Baby Bjorn Original Baby Carrier

This front carrier is still a fave. "The Baby Bjorn Original was so easy to use and comfortable for my daughter. No hassles!" one user tells us. ($80)

Britax Baby Carrier

A removable infant insert helps this carrier grow with your baby. "It's a solid piece of gear!" one editor tells us. "I was able to use it for both my oldest and then my youngest." ($130)

The key to buying baby gear for your little one is to take your time to get everything you need. Here's how to get the best deals on your budget.

Baby gear can be costly, so watch our video to get tips on how to save on the essential baby products.

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