Our layette shopping list can also help you plan your baby registry. Don't leave home without this baby clothing checklist!


Guess what? Now you've got one more person to dress every day. But before you venture out and get lost in the layette department at Macy's, print out our baby clothes shopping checklist -- just use the "Print" function on your Web browser. Our list can also help you plan your baby registry (the stuff that other people pay for!).

____ A "take-me-home" outfit (Look for a set that includes a coverall, jacket, and hat. Make sure these clothes aren't too bulky -- you must be able to strap baby snugly into his car seat, with no interference from clothes, for the ride home from the hospital.)

____ 3 to 8 kimono sets, gowns, or pants-and-shirt sets

____ 4 to 6 rompers

____ 4 to 6 footed coveralls

____ 5 to 7 undershirts (Look for one-piece, long- or short-sleeved bodysuits with snaps at the crotch, so they won't ride up when baby moves around; basic pullover undershirts; or side-snap shirts.)

____ 1 to 3 sweater cardigans

____ 1 snowsuit or winter bunting

____ 2 to 4 pairs of booties or socks

____ 4 to 6 hats -- a must!

____ 6 to 9 blankets

____ 2 to 5 dozen cloth or disposable diapers (You'll go through 10 to 12 diapers each day during baby's first weeks. Fabric diapers can double as burp cloths.)

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Excerpted from the AmericanBaby.com Ages & Stages weekly pregnancy newsletter, Week 30.

--Reviewed September 2005

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