Gear for a Steal!

These 25 super useful finds are all $25 or less. Who says caring for a baby has to cost a bundle? Happy shopping!

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Musical Times

Elephant Egon Musical Box

With a fussy little baby, distraction is key! Make it pleasant, too, when you pull the string on the Elephant Egon Musical Box

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For Your Hospital Bag

Mama Bottom Balm
Jeffrey Westbrook

Mama Bottom Balm cools down skin there and aids postpartum recovery.

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Swaddling Made Easy!

The Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle
Jeffrey Westbrook

The Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle is one of the simplest and most affordable we've seen

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Hands-free Ointment

Dr. Smith's Diaper Ointment Rash Spray
Jeffrey Westbrook

Give your baby's bum a protective layer of zinc-oxide cream without getting the white stuff on your hands. Dr. Smith's Diaper Ointment Rash Spray goes on with a push of the button.

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Soft Carrying

This Ritzy Wrap

An infant car seat may be easy enough to carry with a newborn, but when your munchkin hits 15 pounds or more, the lugging becomes harder! This Ritzy Wrap cushions the car-seat handle to soften your load.

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Be Old-school

Delta's audo baby monitor
Jeffrey Westbrook

Forgo a video monitor, and listen in on your baby with Delta's bargain audio-only version.

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A Stroller For How Much?!

Cosco's Umbrella Stroller
Jeffrey Westbrook

Cosco's umbrella model is perfect for short trips with your tot, 6 months and up. The SureShop bag clips to your stroller frame to prevent tipping.

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It's a Bounce Party!

Bright Starts Pretty in Pink bouncer
Jeffrey Westbrook

Bright Starts Pretty in Pink bouncer (available in a lion motif, too) vibrates and plays music. At this price you can buy more than one!

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Sweet Scents Only

Large Sachet Greenleaf Baby Sleepy Baby

Odor-eliminating sachets in the diaper pail keep the nursery smelling fresh for just a couple of bucks.

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Smooth Tummy

Jeffrey Westbrook

Rub your bump with Bio-Oil to keep skin hydrated; it may help minimize stretch marks and make skin less itchy.

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Keeping Track Made Easy

Itzbeen's Pocket Nanny Baby Care Timer
Jeffrey Westbrook

Left breast? Right breast? The last diaper was when? Itzbeen's Pocket Nanny Baby Care Timer stores all the answers for you

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Stylish Feeding

The First Years flower-shaped nursing cover clips
Jeffrey Westbrook

These flower-shaped Nursing Cover Clips from The First Years allow you to use any of your own scarves or baby blankets for privacy when breastfeeding in public.

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Breathe Easy, Baby

Nosefrida the Snotsucker
Jeffrey Westbrook

Meet Nosefrida the Snotsucker, which clears your baby's stuffy nose like nothing else. Place the blue part in his nostril and then use the mouthpiece to suck out snot, trapping it in the blue vial, which you then clean out. Sound gross? Yes, but moms swear by it!

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Mealtime Musts!

Inside Scoop Bowls, The First Years, Munchkin's Click Lock Spoon, The Petal by Boon Inc

Inside Scoop Bowls from The First Years let you scrape out every bit. If you're using pouches to feed your baby, organize them with The Petal by Boon Inc. which can hold up to 15 pouches. Keep some of Munchkin's Click Lock Spoon Tips handy -- you can screw them right onto the pouches!

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Oh So Efficient!

Luxury Ultimate Four-Layer Bib and Burp Cloth by Monica and Andy
Jeffrey Westbrook

This new find, the Luxury Ultimate Four-Layer Bib and Burp Cloth by Monica and Andy, is a twofer: Place

it under your baby's chin and snap it in back as a milk-absorbing bib and then take it off and drape it over your shoulder come burptime.

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Kiinde's clever Keeper Breast Milk Holder & Organizer
Jeffrey Westbrook

Kiinde's clever Keeper Breast Milk Holder & Organizer makes room in your refrigerator or freezer for stacking those bags of liquid gold.

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That's Cute, Mom

JJ Cole's cute Changing Clutch wristlet
Jeffrey Westbrook

JJ Cole's cute Changing Clutch wristlet is a mat that folds and holds a few wipes

and diapers for quick and easy changes.

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Quick and Easy

5-Second Rectal Thermometer
Jeffrey Westbrook

You'll feel less anxious when taking your baby's temp with the 5-Second Rectal Thermometer.

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Multipurpose Muslin

Hudson Baby's muslin blankets
Jeffrey Westbrook

Muslin blankets can be costly, but Hudson Baby's are a deal. Use them as swaddles, nursing covers, and more.

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Baby Loves This

Comfort Vibe Play Wedge, RaZ-Buddy Ethan Penguin, Hedgehog Accordion

Make tummy time more playful with the musical Comfort Vibe Play Wedge by Fisher-Price. If your sweetie likes a paci, this RaZ-Buddy Ethan Penguin combines one with a furry pal. Then, watch your baby grin when you pull the Hedgehog Accordion by Skip Hop to play fun sounds.

Originally published in the March 2015 issue of American Baby Magazine.

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