Baby Basics Shopping Checklist

Make baby feel at home by creating the perfect nursery. Use this checklist to stock up on the essentials for nursery, bath, and feeding.

Essential Information

Getting the nursery ready is one of the things you can get out of the way long before baby arrives. And it's fun, so friends and family are usually eager to help! Just to make sure you'll get the necessities along with all the fun stuff, take our checklist along.

Nursery Theme


Color Scheme


Room Dimensions


Window Measurements


Nursery Checklist

___ Carpet or nonskid rug

___ Bassinet or cradle

___ Crib

___ Crib wedge

___ Lamp

___ Baby monitor

___ Organizer for small supplies

___ Mobile

___ Cool-air humidifier

___ Diaper pail

___ Rocker

___ Chest of drawers

___ Changing table with safety belt

___ Night-light

___ Curtains that allow some light

___ A shade or heavier curtains (to darken baby's room at nap time)

Bathing and Feeding Checklists

Bathing Checklist:

___ 3 to 5 hooded terry cloth towels

___ 3 to 5 soft washcloths

___ 2 to 3 hooded terry cloth bath sacks

Feeding-time Checklist:

___ 4 to 6 washable bibs

___ 8 bottles

___ Extra nipples and caps

If you're bottlefeeding, you'll want about 8 bottles on hand, plus extra nipples and caps. If you're breastfeeding, you may want 2 to 4 bottles for water, juice, expressed breast milk, or formula.

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